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NJ Enacts Veterans’ Affordable Housing Assistance

A law enacted in August 2016 (P.L 2016, c.19) requires the Commissioner of Department of Community Affairs to promulgate rules and regulations providing for veterans’ affordable housing assistance preference. It also states in part “Admission to housing projects constructed, improved or rehabilitated under this act shall be limited to families whose gross aggregate family income at the time of admission does not exceed six […]

NJ Madison Holleran Suicide Prevention Act

A new law enacted in August 2016 (P.L 2016, c.18) known as the “Madison Holleran Suicide Prevention Act” concerns suicide prevention at institutions of higher education and supplements prior related statutes. It states in pertinent part “An institution of higher education shall have individuals with training and experience in mental health issues who focus on reducing student suicides and attempted suicides available on campus or remotely by telephone […]

NJ Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

An amendment to an existing law enacted in June 2016 (P.L. 2016, c.11) permits the Department of Human Services to request waiver of time limits for certain Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients under certain circumstances. The new law states in pertinent part: “Immediately upon the effective date of this act and at least once annually thereafter, the Commissioner of Human Services shall conduct a review of […]

NJ Protection of Threatened Animals Laws

New laws enacted in June 2016 (P.L. 2016, c.6 and c.7) prohibits possession, transport, import, export, processing, sale, or shipment of parts and products of certain animal species threatened with extinction. They also prohibits possession and transport of parts and products of certain animals at Port Authority airports and port facilities. Since the airports and facilities of the Port Authority – Newark Liberty International, J.F.K and LaGuardia – are some of the most heavily traveled routes back to the U.S. from countries in Africa, it is hoped this ban […]

NJ Task Force on Abuse of Elderly or Disabled

A law enacted in May 2016 (P.L 2016, c.3) created a task force to evaluate current policies that are designed to protect older adults and persons with disabilities from instances of abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation; identify any existing circumstances that might allow for the inadequate protection of this population; and develop recommendations for more effective and efficient legislation, policies, and strategies.

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NJ “Upskirting” Invasion of Privacy Law

A law enacted in May 2016 (P.L. 2016, c.2) explicitly outlaws “upskirting” – the taking revealing photos under a person’s clothing. In part, the law states that “An actor commits a crime of the fourth degree if, knowing that he is not licensed or privileged to do so, he photographs, films, videotapes, records, or otherwise reproduces in any manner, […]

NJ Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

The new “Uniform Interstate Family Support Act,” (UIFSA) enacted during March 2016 (P.L. 2016, c.1) repeals the existing “Uniform Interstate Family Support Act,” which was adopted in New Jersey as P.L.1998, c.2 (C.2A:4-30.65 et seq.). UIFSA provides uniform rules for the enforcement of family support orders. In 2007, the United States signed […]

YMCA Hold Harmless Clause Held No Bar To Suit in Slip and Fall Case

The NJ Appellate Division ruled that despite signing a contract with a hold harmless clause when he joined a health club, a man is not barred from bringing suit to recover for injuries sustained when he slipped and fell on the stairs while headed to an indoor pool. James F. Walters v. YMCA, Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division, decided August 18, 2014.

Plaintiff James F. Walters appealed from the order of the Law Division dismissing his personal injury cause of action against defendant YMCA. Applying the Supreme […]

Law Permits Child in Crisis Who Has Moved to Remain Enrolled in School District

On January 17, 2014, Governor Christie signed A-735 into law as P.L. 2013, c.231. The new law took effect on January 17, 2014.

The new law provides that if a child moves out of a school district as a result of domestic violence, sexual abuse or other family crisis, the child must have the option of remaining enrolled in that district until the end of the school year. Under the law, if the child remains enrolled in the district for the remainder of the school year, the school district is […]

New Law allows attorney’s fees in some landlord-tenant actions

On January 17, 2014, Governor Christie signed S-2018 into law as P.L. 2013, c.206. The new law took effect on January 17, 2014, but applies only to new lease agreements for real property executed on or after February 1, 2014. The new law is intended to establish parity between tenants and landlords with regard to an award of attorney’s fees or expenses.

The law establishes an implied covenant in residential leases if the lease provides that a landlord can recover attorney fees and expenses. The implied covenant requires that the […]